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Cigarette Display Racks & Liquor Sales Displays

We manufacture cigarette display racks and liquor sales displays that help our clients sell more in these categories. And we also take pride in making the best possible cigarette and liquor displays in the business.

As a result, Creative Display Work’s displays have become proven market winners. We ship them to 48 states, and our fixtures are selling in convenience stores, gas stations and markets across the country.

Explore our photo gallery to see our tobacco bars looking great behind all types of sales counters. Many configurations are possible when combining our 2ft and 3ft wide cabinets into bolted together, in-line displays.

Our cigarette and liquor sales displays feature:

  • Welded steel and sheet metal construction
  • Durable finish in attractive black powder coat
  • Black wood spanner panels to match
  • Height adjustable shelving with price tag channel
  • Adjustable shelf configurations – our cigarette shelves can be made to fit all types of tobacco and vapor products
  • Spring loaded pushers help keep product faced and uniform – tobacco shelves, vapor shelves and mini liquor bottle shelves
  • Cigarette shelves also pull forward and tilt down from cabinet for easier stocking and inventory counts
  • Upper storage area behind header door for cartons & extra stock
  • Steel headers with sign channel available – for no LED display requests

Tobacco sales display with liquor

Cigarette display with lockable swing door storage units and liquor cabinets


Cigarette sales display - 2' swing doors with storage and LED headers

Cigarette displays with 2′ swing doors & LED

Tobacco back bar cigarette display with liquor cabinets set

Tobacco bar with 3′ swing doors & liquor

9' Tobacco bar installed with LED

9′ cigarette sales display with LED headers

3' Swing door cigarette cabinets with storage

Swing door units with locking internal storage

Cigarette back bar with liquor cabinets

Cigarette sales display with custom liquor

Quality Cigarette Racks & Liquor Displays

We build our cigarette display racks and liquor displays to stand up to the rigors of commercial use.  All our fixtures are constructed of laser cut and hand welded steel. Then they get powder coated with an attractive textured black finish. Cabinet shelves are 1″ height adjustable and we offer adjustable shelves to meet the spacing demands of the diverse tobacco and vapor category.

Cigarette displays feature a storage compartment behind the header door for storing extra product. Our displays are also designed to bolt together to create an attractive installed ‘finished wall’ look. LED sign headers with product down-lighting are standard on Creative Display Works cigarette and liquor cabinets – to help create the sales impact that every business deserves.

Cigarette sales display with liquor cabinets
Creative Display Works - LED Header on 3ft cigarette display rack

LED header down-lighting on cigarette display

Cigarette rack storage behind Creative Display LED header

Cigarette rack storage behind LED header

Creative Display Works - LED header on cigarette display

LED header option available on all CDW cigarette displays and liquor cabinets

LED Cigarette Displays –
LED sign headers with product down lighting

We build our LED headers into all of our cabinets as standard equipment. The LED sign panel is designed for translucent signage and creating highly attractive advertising. An additional row of bright LED’s shine down on colorful product packaging below.

LED headers are effective at helping making product bright and as attractive as possible.

Non-LED steel sign headers are also available for non-LED estimate requests, however CDW highly recommends LED headers for the maximum sales impact of your displays.

LED sign headers are a Creative Display Works innovation. They are built into our tobacco and liquor displays because they are effective, and because our clients love them. And we love them too.

Cigarette displays with lockable base storage

2ft cigarette displays with lockable base storage

Cigarette Sales Display Options

  • Standard cabinet widths are 2ft and 3ft
  • Standard cabinet height is 90″
  • We can make your custom size cabinets
  • Ten cigarette shelves included with each display – 1″ height adjustable in cabinet
  • Add additional cigarette shelves or a variety of adjustable OTP shelves
  • Adjustable pusher shelves available for cigarette, vapor, and boxed products
  • Flip-up steel sign headers available for NO LED display requests
  • LED headers with product down lighting – standard on all tobacco displays
  • Key-locking storage base units also available for 2ft and 3ft wide cabinets
  • More fixture specs on ‘Cigarette Racks for C-Stores’ page
Liquor sales display cabinets with adjustable shelves

Liquor sales display cabinets with LED headers

Security cabinet with shelves

Locking storage cabinet with 1″ height adjustable steel shelves

CDW cigarette cabinets with locking internal storage

Swing door cigarette cabinet with locking internal storage and LED header

Custom tobacco cabinet with LED header and locking door

Custom cigarette display with plexi-view security door and LED header


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