Cigarette Racks for Convenience Stores

Cigarette Racks for Convenience Stores

Creative Display Works manufactures quality cigarette display racks and tobacco displays for convenience stores.

Our best selling cigarette racks are our 2ft and 3ft wide cabinets. Our cabinets bolt together in-line, so we can build any length tobacco bar you desire. And our LED sign headers come included on all cig cabinets, to draw customer attention exactly where you want it – your product and promotions.

Cigarette displays are 90″ tall standard height and we build them in custom heights too. We also offer several types of pusher shelves to display all of the products in the diverse tobacco category.

Cigarette racks with LED sign and downlight

Cigarette display racks – custom height – with adjustable pusher shelves and LED installed at c-store

Tobacco sales display with liquor

CDW tobacco and liquor sales display with swing door storage units installed at gas station

C-store cigarette display

C-store cigarette display with locking swing door storage units & liquor display cabinets

Cigarette Racks Designed for C-Stores

Our cigarette racks are designed with features that make them durable and versatile for the c-store industry. CDW displays are built with hand welded steel frames, finished in attractive black powder coat, and ours ship fully assembled. We don’t send you a box of parts to put together like most of the other guys do.

CDW cigarette racks feature 1″ height adjustable shelves for getting your display just right. And our internally adjustable pusher shelf options allow for all types of tobacco category products. We also offer pusher shelves to fit the entire range of tobacco and vapor products.


Fixed pusher shelves are not adjustable, but made to display your cigarette packs with perfect spacing. Fixed mini liquor pusher shelves are also available for 50ml or ‘nips’ bottles.

Adjustable pusher shelves hold cig packs too, but allow for wider-sized product with removeable parts. Perfect for OTP, Zyns, cigarillo and boxed vapor products, adjustable pusher shelves ensure your displays can adapt to your ever changing product mix.


All Creative Display Works tobacco cabinets are built with ridged tube steel. We take pride in offering quality hand-made steel fixtures – built to last. We make them for owners who are looking for their investment to sell for them for possibly decades to come – not just a few years.

And we offer matching liquor cabinets, security cabinets, and keyed locking base storage units as options, to help you create the most useful tobacco bar display for your stores.

Adjustable pusher shelf for cigarette sales display - CDW

CDW adjustable cigarette pusher shelf – up to 14 cig pack facings per 3ft shelf

Creative Display Works - LED header on cigarette display

 LED sign header with product down lighting – standard on all CDW cig and liquor cabinets

10' Tobacco display installed at angle

C-store cigarette display with LED sign headers and product lighting –  installed at angle

Cigarette Display Racks Built for the C-store Industry


Cigarette Shelves pull out & tilt down: Easy for store employees to stock and efficient inventory counting

Spring loaded pushers: Push product forward to keep faced and uniform. Available in different styles

Adjustable Pushers: Internally configurable shelves designed to accommodate the wide range of products in the tobacco category.

Back-lit LED Sign Header: Sales impact signage with back-lighting and product down-lighting that also flips up to overhead cigarette carton storage. Employees can pull stock from built-in storage so they don’t have to leave the counter unattended.

Locking Storage Cabinets: Optional locking security storage unit for any 2′ or 3′ tobacco cabinet. Adds additional front-end storage to your tobacco sales bar.

Cigarette Sales Display Rack Specs


Standard cigarette rack dimensions:

Width: 2ft or 3ft wide units
Height: 90″ standard
Depth: 15.5″ standard
Shelves: 10 cigarette shelves included with each unit
Adjustable: Shelves height adjustable in 1″ increments

Cigarette display racks for convenience store

2ft wide cig displays with 12 shelves each, mini liquor shelves at bottom (right) Adjustable pusher shelves for vapor & mixed-size product (left)

Cigarette displays with lockable base storage

2ft cigarette display racks with our ‘fixed cigarette pusher shelves’ and lockable base storage units – ten shelves included with all tobacco displays

Liquor sales display cabinets with adjustable shelves

Matching liquor display cabinets with 1″ height adjustable steel shelves. Optional LED sign headers with product down-lighting for attractive display

Cigarette Sales Display Features


  • All tobacco shelves are 1″ height adjustable and pull-out from cabinet for inventory counts
  • Built-in overhead storage behind hinged LED header sign
  • Durable welded steel construction
  • Attractive & durable powder coat black finish
  • Steel header signs with no LED are available
  • All cabinets designed to bolt together for in-line ‘finished wall’ look
  • Pusher shelves available to fit all types of tobacco & vapor products
  • Lockable base storage can be added to any 2ft or 3ft display cabinet

Cigarette Display Rack Options


  • Cigarette fixtures bolt together to create any size tobacco sales bar
  • 2ft & 3ft wide cabinets are our best sellers
  • 90″ tall cabinets are the standard – we can make your custom height cabinets
  • LED sign headers with product down-lighting for maximum sales impact display
  • Optional locking base storage units for 2ft & 3ft cigarette displays
  • We offer matching locking storage cabinets with steel shelving for adding secure storage in your tobacco bar
  • Matching liquor display cabinets also available, with 1″ height adjustable steel shelves

Cigarette and Tobacco Shelving Options


  • Ten pusher shelves included with each display
  • Extra shelves available – 12 max per cabinet
  • 3ft cig shelves fit 14 cigarette pack facings
  • 2ft cig shelves fit 9 cigarette pack facings
  • Fixed cigarette pusher shelves are ideal for perfectly spaced standard cig packs
  • Adjustable pusher shelves are best for OTP, chew cans, Zyn & different sized tobacco products
  • Adjustable vapor pusher shelves with tall dividers are great for displaying most vape products
  • Fixed mini-liquor pusher shelves available for miniature, airplane or ‘nips’ bottles

Creative Display Works – Custom Store Sales Fixtures

At Creative Display Works, we design and create all types of custom convenience store sales fixtures. And our selection of cigarette displays are the perfect solution for your business.

If your installation requires custom sized fixtures, we can do it.  Our standard cabinet sizes are a great fit for most of our clients, but we make custom displays and even countertop cigarette displays when needed.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you about your display project’s needs. So contact us today and let’s get your project started!

Custom cigarette cabinets that solve a problem –  blocked gas station windows 

We recently installed custom cigarette cabinets for a gas station owner in Scottsdale, AZ. This location had blocked windows that the cashiers could really use – to see customer cars when they were at the register, but had forgotten which pump they were on.

We built their cigarette cabinets with ‘plexi-view’ backs to solve the problem, and to make sure that the new tobacco bar was as useful as could be for the business. The result is a fantastic looking new display and another happy client.

Cigarette display with windows, base storage units and LED

Cigarette displays with rear window view, locking storage & LED

Cigarette shelves window view for gas station

Cigarette shelves close-up of window view for gas station

Creative Display Works Vapor Vault

The Vapor Vault – vapor product display cabinet

Our clients were in need of a solution to hold and display all of their vapor products. They asked us to design a cabinet that would do that well – so we did.

The Vapor Vault is the perfect fixture to display all your vapor products for your c-store, dispensary or vapor business.

Vapor Vault display cabinet features 266 pusher facings with internally adjustable pusher shelves. The thin adjustable pushers and tall dividers display all kinds of vapor packaging and they can be individually removed if needed, to make room for wider product. So Vapor Vault cabinet can adapt to your evolving product mix.

Each shelf of the Vapor Vault also pulls out and down, to allow for inventory counts and stock management. You can also easily connect multiple vapor cabinets together and expand your vapor product sales display.

Vapor Vault cabinet as shown is 3ft wide x 90″ tall – 266 pusher facings w/14 shelves

Vapor Vault - vapor product display cabinet with 266 pusher facings

Vapor Vault display cabinet with 266 pusher facings



We’re glad you found us and look forward to working with you. Let’s discuss your project today!