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How To Display Products In Your Retail Store

There are many different ways in which your retail store’s displays can play the role of a silent salesperson. The main thing to remember is to make certain that your displays portray a few of the basics, these include the following:

(1). Your displays should be changed monthly

Always leave something to surprise __ keep your customer in suspense. Be sure to move your old displays anytime a new item comes in, and even if newer items do not come in, you need to re-locate the displays in order to keep them refreshed. Even if some of the older items might still be selling, however, the displays will be more beneficial if they continue to be switched two weeks after they come in. Take a display out of the front of the store and put it somewhere in the middle, then take a display out of the middle of the store and re-locate it in the back of the store.

(2). Give customers tenderness

The same rules apply in merchandising as in life, whereas, the best things are the things that you want and are not the things that you need, and now you should try this philosophy on your customers. Take into consideration which items are the most expensive, newest, cutest, answers a customer’s dreams, and etc., and place them in your store’s most prominent area(s). Make certain they are placed so that the customer will be able to reach for them and touch without leaving your store in a shamble.

(3). Never use or build a monochromatic display

It pays to group items depending on the products use. Otherwise, you could go by color and find a color that helps to represent a group. If you do not have a grocery store, then grouping does not need to be all of just one product. That would be for a warehouse, not merchandising. Your display can be all relating to one product, for instance, all of the items that relates to brewing and drinking coffee. Your display could also go by color, just make sure that it is a strong color, strong enough to stand out against the other color(s), for example: It could be the colors of red and white or black and red. You should always avoid monochrome displays, this is due to it is a temporary false, and though chic, soon the eyes will wander somewhere else, and usually this results in nothing being purchased.

(4). Avoid having signs that reads, “DO NOT TOUCH”

You should never set out a sign that reads “DO NOT TOUCH,” not even if your store is a glass ware store. Why? You ask, its simple, to this would be the same as putting up a sign that reads “DO NOT BUY.” Remember, displays are expected to get a little messed up, possibly even damaged. One way to think of this is to think of it in terms of your kitchen table, and if you never see any crumbs, it means that no one has been eating. Never be scared for your customers to interact with the items in your store, just be constantly prepared, and ready to clean and straighten things up.

(5). Put your trust in lagniappes

New Orleans has a term they use which means “little surprise,” it is ‘Lagniappes’ and is pronounced as “lon-yop.” What is a merchandising lagniappe? You ask. Well, it is an item that does not in any way relate, which is being used for a funny prop, like putting a soup bowl in with a box of sweater, or a bowl of silverware with a bunch of pencils. Though adding a prop to each display may be a little too much, just keep thinking of positive outcomes and the possibilities.

 (6). Your display should light-up as if it were a meteor shower

This may mean that you have to adjust your overhead lighting in order to accomplish this. However, should you have a dark display with no way of getting highlights from above, then you may want to take into consideration of moving your current lighting source and switch to several small spot lights, the portable kind. Remember, proper lighting or perfect lighting for the situation can change the appearance (how other perceive it) it puts off to others.

(7). Have a price tag on everything you got

Keeping in mind how you feel about having to ask, “How much is this…?” and “What are the prices on the clothes?” It turns out that your customers are not any different than you on that subject, and now that you know, make certain that all items from your stock have a price tag on them. People do not want to be put in a spot where they have to go and ask a cashier the price of things.

Making your merchandise visually appealing to the customers is easy and can be performed through a proper display. It’s like having a silent salesperson doing the work for you.

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