LED Candy Rack Displays & C-Store Snack Racks

Retail candy racks with LED

C-store LED candy aisle display – Creative Display Works LED candy racks

LED Candy racks

LED candy racks – 3ft – 10 tier – We ship them up to three per pallet- or pick-up in Phoenix

Convenience store candy racks

LED candy rack aisle display – Creative Display candy racks on gondola & merchandised

We offer 3ft wide LED candy racks as well as non-led racks. These racks are helping our customers sell more candy in convenience stores across the country – we ship them to 48 states. Our ten shelf candy racks are proven market winners and work well either as stand alone displays or for creating attention grabbing LED candy aisles.

Candy rack design allows them to be bolted together ‘in-line’ to create the aisle look, if desired. They also look great as stand-alone candy displays, and highly attractive when lit with LED.

Our products are made in the USA with pride in Phoenix, Arizona, and we ship nationally to wherever your project requires.

Candy aisle LED display racks

LED candy snack rack display

Candy racks with LED

LED candy display with wire end cap racks

LED candy rack aisle run

LED candy rack 12ft aisle run

Led Candy Racks for Convenience Stores

Our wire candy racks are made of welded steel to stand up to the rigors of commercial use. They are finished in attractive and durable black semi-gloss powder coating. These snack displays look and sell great in c-stores, and especially when lit with LED.

If preferred, we offer standard candy racks along with our LED racks. Both types are available in 3ft sections. Our best selling candy racks for c-stores are the 3ft – 10 shelf LED candy racks, and we can ship them up to 3 units per pallet.

All of our racks can be bolted together to create candy and snack aisles. And they also work well simply floor standing, or placed on a gondola riser. They look great when lit up on all the colorful product and there’s a good reason for the LED trend booming in American c-stores.

The addition of LED lighting to retail candy displays can help boost product sales. Mars Chocolate North America conducted the research and their study showed that candy sales rose in grocers by 10-12% when illuminated with LED, regardless of brand or packaging sizes.

Contact us today for pricing on our 3ft, 10-shelf candy racks.

Candy Display Racks


Standard racks or add LED

LED-lit candy racks improve sales

Stand-alone or create aisle displays

Candy racks bolt together in-line

 Displays well on floor or gondola

3ft wide – ten shelves standard

Custom Store Fixtures


We can make your custom fixtures

Bring your merchandising idea to life

In-house design and prototyping

Fast production times & service

No job too large – we can handle it

Ship nationally to DC’s or direct

LED wire candy racks - Creative Display Works

Candy rack LED

LED candy rack, 3ft - 10 shelf

LED candy rack, 3ft – 10 shelf

Wire candy rack - CDW

Wire candy rack, 3ft- 10 shelf

Other Snack & Candy Sales Displays

Rolling 4 way Island Candy Rack with shelves

Island candy rack

Rolling 4 way Island Candy Rack with shelves

4-way rolling display

Floor standing fruit stand retail display

Fruit sales fixture

We Create Displays That Help Our Clients Sell More

Creative Display Works – Phoenix, Arizona

At Creative Display Works, we manufacture all types of displays and sales fixtures for convenience stores, gas stations, and grocers.  We also strive to build the very best fixtures possible to help our customers sell more product.

We offer quality retail display fixtures including tobacco and liquor sales displays, LED candy racks, beverage displays, roller grill sneeze guards, and more. If you need custom designed sales fixtures or custom metal fabrication, we can do that too.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you about your display fixture needs. So contact us today and let’s get your project started!

Hanging basket peg hook display

CDW Cooler Topper Rack with side candy baskets & peg hooks – display solution for end cap coolers


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