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Product Display Definition – What Is Product Display?

Product display is important! The merchandise display happens to be a special presentation of the products of a store that is used to attract and even entice consumers. The nature of these displays can vary between industries, but all merchandise displays will be based on various basic principles that were designed to help increase purchases. Yes, merchandise displays are a big part of the merchandising concept, which is there to help promote sales by coordinating market, sales strategies and advertising.

There are many business consultants that truly believe that small business owners are the best for innovative merchandise display strategies. It was stated in Chain Store Age Executive that in most instances the smaller chains are leading the way for store ambience which supports their overall strategy for marketing in a range of categories from hardware and houseware to fashion and even in building supplies. It is by their nature that specialty stores depend on displays to generate a niche within the marketplace. Plus, being much smaller in some cases will allow for a better response to conditions and market trends. Successful retails are using displays to dispense merchandise productively and communicate the right environment in retail.

Merchandise displays are normally put in one of many basic designs:

  • Showcase displays: These are normally feature items that are too valuable for display in a storefront setup or niche items of high interest to main clientele. These display centers are normally located in high traffic areas and will feature multiple tiers for products and a sliding door for access by the clerk.
  • Storefront Window displays: These are normally opened to a street or a courtyard or walk of a mall and are used to attract passerby’s who may not otherwise enter into the store.
  • Found Space Displays: This is for the displays that use a small but usable area of the store like the top of a product carousels or on wall space.

Found space displays and storefront window displays are the most popular tools for selling sale items and showing sale items.

Key to a Great Merchandise Display

According to How to Display It, there are many key parts for a great merchandise display that are relevant for small business owners. Firstly, the displays need to be economical and only use space, products and materials that are readily available. Next, the display needs to be versatile and able to fit anywhere and show any merchandise and show any message. Lastly, the displays need to be effective. The best display will be readily visible to any one passing by and needs to be arranged so that there isn’t a space or time lag between when a possible buyer sees the product and when they react to it. The best display will show the customer what the product looks like and not some picture of it. There are some forms of promotion that can give a big presentation of the character of the store and the product.

The overall effectiveness for a good strategy for merchandising displays can be grown by remembering these tips as well as the following:

  • Ensure that the display is clean and neat at all times.
  • Put the display area and items based on customer demographics. If most of your customers are females between ages of 18 and 35, then your displays need to be shaped for their interests.
  • Combine products that can be used together in displays. For instance, swimming goggles being paired with new swimsuits is going to be more effective than placing it on its own or with other product that is barely related to swimming.
  • Be careful of looking at display designs that sacrifice effectiveness for originality.
  • Small items need to be displayed so that customers can have a good look at them without having to get help from staff.
  • Don’t overcrowd the display. Customers will pass over a busy looking, messy display. Instead your display needs to have a single item, or a point of interest and every item needs to interact with each other so that they come together as a group. If they don’t go together, then it will look like there are several designs instead of just one.
  • Displays can be used to educate customers. A thoughtful display can illustrate product use that may not occur to a customer. Besides just selling the merchandise, a display can introduce new products, a new idea or look, or new fashion trend. The display can be used to educate the customer concerning what the item is, how it can used or worn, or accessorized. The display could even supply important information, special features and price.
  • You should also pay attention to when you are constructing and arranging the display backgrounds. For instance, you need to avoid dark backgrounds whenever a customer will be looking through a window, since this will cause the glass to be a big mirror.
  • All of these items need to be considered and weighed whenever you are putting together a merchandise display. Ultimately, the final part of the worthiness of a display is going to be its ability to sell the products. As it was stated, the test of a good display is going to be does it sell?

Learn more about how to display products in your retail store.

Creative Display Works Can Help With Quality Display Racks

Creative Display Works offers many different types of merchandise display racks including:

Cigarette Display Racks

Cigarette Display Racks

We have multiple display options for cigarettes, pipes and tobacco that will stand out for your customers to make their selection. The smart, organized presentation will give you the competitive edge over the opposition. Customers will clearly be able to see the merchandise available for sale. The display racks keep your stock showing prominently. If you are looking to make your cigarette, pipe and tobacco displays really stick out, consider one of our premier displays.

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Point Of Sale Display Racks

Beverage Display Racks

Customers love to see beverages, wine and liquor presented nicely. Not only does it add allure to the purchase but especially with our premier displays helps to sell the luxurious brand image associated with many of these products. Our display racks can hold bottles of varying dimensions and are perfect for not only every day displays but also are very useful to build special displays to promote certain brands. Whether used behind the counter or on the shop floor, these beverage display racks will catch the eye!

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Bakery Display Racks

Bakery Display Racks

Bakery and pastry display racks are popular on counters where customers can see their favorite baked packaged goods and give in to that temptation! Our bakery and pastry display racks includes space for ample brand name promotion to help persuade customers to make a delicious impulse purchase. Our premier displays may come in handy if you want to promote more specialist or artisan bakery and pastry products.

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Snack Display Racks

Snack Display Racks

Our snack display racks are ideal for featuring all kinds of candy and snacks. They can accommodate both regular and king-size candy bars and snacks of various sizes. You may be attracted to our premier range of snack display racks for that extra classy look or if you have some higher end candy and snacks you especially want to feature. Our snack display racks make it easy to replace merchandise in a section of the store that always has high stock turnover.

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Magazine Display Racks

Magazine Display Racks

Magazine display racks are still an important feature of any store and with our magazine racks you can stock all popular titles your customers like as well as having room for regional and state magazines, magazines that may appeal to visitors, as well as specialist magazines for certain sports or interests. Specialist magazines that are often sold at a premium price look especially good in our premier range of magazine racks. Magazine racks look great as a focal point in any store.

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Retail Store Display Racks

Retail Store Display Racks

We have a wide range of display options for retail stores depending on what kind of merchandise you want to present to your customers. From suitable displays for small trinkets and items of jewelry to clothing to electronic goods to soft furnishings, we have something that will make your products not only stand out but appeal to customers to assist them in making their purchasing decisions. We also carry a premier line that may be ideal for special promotions or for displaying high end items.

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Jerky Display Stands

Beef Jerky Display Stands

Jerky products are always popular and we offer a wide range of jerky stands in various layouts, all designed to capture the imagination of the customer and help them decide what delicious jerky they want to buy. You can even use one of our premier stands to make a particular brand stand out. Our multiple designs allow you to market many brands of jerky in different ways and in different locations of your store, and avoiding a repetitious look into the bargain.

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Impulse Display Stands

Impulse Display Stands

Impulse items are a mainstay of product display and can contribute greatly to your bottom line as a business owner. Our impulse display stands positioned at convenient locations around your store are ideal in helping you to generate sales of impulse items. Our premier impulse display stands placed near the point of sale can also help to generate revenue. You decide what your customers buy impulsively and we have the stand you can display it in!

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Tool Display Racks

Hardware & Tool Display Racks

Tools and hardware need hard wearing display racks not only because of the frequent weight and bulkiness of the merchandise but also all the features of the products can be either easily seen or in some cases, even inspected by the would-be buyer. Fortunately both our regular and premier tool and hardware display racks are up to the task. Whether you are selling manual hardware and tools or the latest high dollar tools, they will look their best in out hardware and tool display racks.

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Automotive Part Display Shelving

Automotive Part Display Shelving

Automotive display shelving needs to be strong, versatile and long lasting. No matter what product you are trying to sell, if it is to do with automotive it is very important to people it is presented well as it is going in or on one of their most valuable possessions, their automobile. From small disposable add on’s to permanent accessories both our premier and regular automotive part display shelving will draw people to your merchandise.

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