We manufacture quality roller grill sneeze guards for many of the most widely used commercial grill models. Our sneeze guards are made to stand up to the demands of commercial use, because they’re constructed of hand-welded aluminum and heat-tempered glass. Our products are designed for easy assembly and we can ship to wherever your project requires.

It’s a good bet that we have the sneeze guard solution you need for your business. And if we don’t already make the model you’re looking for, we can build it. We’re glad that you found us and look forward to hearing from you.


Sneeze guards for Star 50 hot dog roller grill

Sneeze guards on Star 50 roller grill with basket and condiment caddy

Roller grill sneeze guard for Star 50 with LED and chip basket

Hinge-top glass roller grill sneeze guard with grill-top basket and LED kit

Roller grill sneeze guard with grill top chip basket

Sneeze guard for model 50 grill with LED kit, chip basket, and condiment caddy

Consider adding our LED light kits, grill-top chip baskets, and POP header signs to your sneeze guards to help drive food item sales! 

Roller Grill Sneeze Guard Features


Sturdy aluminum frame construction

Quality tempered glass sides, back, and top

Available for most commercial hot dog roller grills

Designed for easy assembly and maintenance

Effective food protection in an attractive display!

Roller Grill Sneeze Guard Options


Hinge-top or solid top glass models

Grill-top chip basket with POP sign channel

LED light kits available for all models

POP header signs available for all models

Powder coated finish in Black Beauty or Silver Freeze

Hinge-Top and Custom Glass Sneeze Guards

Our innovative hinge-top sneeze guard models are designed for open grill access, easy in-place cleaning, and superior food protection.

All of our sneeze guards are made for commercial durability. Hinge-top models assemble easily with no tools required. The tension-hinged top glass also comes out of the box ready to install.

Consider adding our LED light kits to give your displays an eye-catching boost. And we make POP header sign holders and grill-top chip baskets to create cross-selling opportunities for your roller grills.

Need a different type of custom sneeze guard for your food counter? We can design and fabricate the guards your company needs.

Contact us today for more info on our available models, custom designs, and pricing.

Hinge top sneeze guard for Star 50 roller grill

Hinge-top sneeze guard for hot dog roller grill

Creative Display Works – Phoenix, Arizona

At Creative Display Works, we design and manufacture all types of displays and sales fixtures for convenience stores, gas stations, and grocers. And we strive to build the very best fixtures possible to help our customers sell more product.

We make quality retail display fixtures including tobacco and vapor sales displays, candy racks, beverage displays, roller grill sneeze guards, and more. If you need custom designed sales fixtures, we can do that too.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you about your display fixture needs. So contact us today and let’s get your project started!

Glass sneeze guard for roller grill

Hinge-top roller grill sneeze guard with custom LED sign header



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